EOS holders will receive additional EOSG on a 1:100 basis eosDAC holders will receive additional EOSG on a 1:10 basis Non-Holders will receive 10,000 eosDAC valued at $1,000 Tokens will be distributed by June 25th HKT.


Widely distributed and powerful community adopting the EOS software in September 2018.

Widely Distributed

Using a snapshot of over 1,000,000 Ethereum addresses, EOS Gold aims to be the most widely and evenly distributed EOS chain.

Extremely Powerful

The EOS Software is built to support and scale decentralized applications on the blockchain.

Complete Transparency

Through airdrops and bounty campaigns EOS Gold is completely transparent using an Ethereum smart contract.

Strong Community

Our active community is committed to becoming the most widely distributed and used unoffical EOS chain in 2018.


1 000 000 000 EOSG



EOSG Blockchain

September 2018


Web Assembly

Wide and Fair Distribution

We believe in order to get a wide and fair distribution of EOS Gold airdrops and giveaways is the most effective. This aligns all users that receive EOS Gold as well as provide an opportunity for those wanting to become block producers a chance to purchase EOS Gold on the market from other airdrop participants. With only 21 block producers in total, those wishing to participate as a block producer will need to accumulate on exchanges between now and September 2018.

Flexible Blockchain Limits

EOS Gold allows for flexible blockchain applications. Decentralized Application developers are able to Freeze and Fix broken contracts or upgrade applications with ease. Generalized role-based permision allows developers to only give access to those that need it while keeping the application secure. Being widely distributed also allows current Ethereum developers to experiment on an EOS chain without risk and gain an instant user base of EOS Gold holders.

Supporting Industry Scale

By using the EOS software, EOS Gold will be able to scale to support thousands of Commercial Scale DApps as well as millions of transactions per minute. By separating authentification from execution EOS Gold nodes will not forced to run all the transactions on the network. Instead EOS Gold contains a Merkle tree over all the transactions within a block which allows users to prove payment without having to trust full nodes.


EOS Gold includes an exciting Roadmap leading up to the launch of the EOS Gold blockchain.

Community Airdrops

ETH Holders Airdrop

ETH Airdrop: TBA

Major Exchanges

Mercatox, Coinexchange exchange listings

EOS Gold Blockchain

EOSG Launch


We have compiled the most frequently asked questions from the EOS GOLD community.

What is the purpose of the EOSG token?

EOSGOLD (EOSG) is a community project aimed at launching the most widely distributed EOS chain once the EOS software is released under a MIT license in June 2018 allowing anyone to launch their own EOS chain.

Are you forking EOS?

Technically no, as there are currently no EOS blockchains yet launched. Block.one is producing the EOS software which allows anyone to launch their own EOS chain once the license changes in September 2018.

How many people are working on EOSGOLD?

We have a small board of directors and currently, two developers are employed.

When will the whitepaper be released?

It is in final draft and scheduled for release coming weeks. (~ November 23rd)

When will you expand the roadmap?

The full roadmap will come out in the coming weeks.


EOS Gold can be stored on any Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet until the EOS Gold blockchain is launched.

Smart Contract:


Token Symbol: EOSG

Max Supply: 1 000 000 000

Decimals: 8

Gas Limit: 100000